Caroline Adkins

“The Watson-Brown Scholarship has opened so many doors for me over the past year and a half. Over the past year, I have been able to get involved on campus with multiple organizations. It provided me with funds to pay for school books and gave me time to settle into the campus without the stress of working and attending school.”

-2017 Watson-Brown Scholar
Valdosta State University

Dontaevius Watts

“The Watson-Brown Scholarship means an education. It means no more sacrifices.” 

– 2017 Watson-Brown Scholar,
Clemson University

Brianna Gilchrist

“This scholarship means so much more than having my expenses paid for; it’s more like a gateway into a successful future that could not have been possible without the help of the Watson-Brown Foundation.”

– 2016 Watson-Brown Scholar,
Kennesaw State University

Alexius Gartrell

“The Watson-Brown Scholarship actually means being able to afford college. Without this scholarship, college would have not been possible. It represents a chance for me to attain a higher education that my mother would have not been able to pay for. That is what the scholarship means to me.”

– 2016 Watson-Brown Scholar,
Kennesaw State University

Mohsin Rizvi

“While the Watson-Brown Scholarship is, in essence, a scholarship, it is also more than that. It is an opportunity with an importance about it that cannot be understated. It is an opportunity to pursue dreams freely and to chase the future unbound by financial limitations. ”

– 2016 Watson-Brown Scholar,
Tufts University

Jinny Brown

“The Watson-Brown Scholarship is an opening, an opportunity to go out into the world with the credentials needed to really make a difference in the world. With this scholarship I am capable to reach my full potential and grow in my education. To me, the Watson-Brown Scholarship means a future. ”

– 2016 Watson-Brown Scholar,
University of South Carolina Aiken

Stephanie Huffman

“The Watson Brown Scholarship is a privilege allowing students to further their dreams and accomplish their goals.”

– 2016 Watson-Brown Scholar,
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College