Other Scholarship Opportunities

What are scholarships? You guessed it – free money for college. It is amazing how many scholarship opportunities are available. The catch – you have to do your research and apply.

Start your search online. Many sites offer scholarship matching. You complete information about yourself and they will “match” you with scholarships for which you might qualify. Warning: you will start receiving lots of scholarship emails after you complete these questionnaires. Here’s a tip. Create an email account that you use only for scholarship and college inquiries.


Smaller, local scholarships might not be listed on the aforementioned scholarship search sites. Here are tips of where to find them:

Yours or your parent’s employer – many companies offer scholarships
• Local civic clubs and organizations (Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, Lion’s Club)
• Churches, synagogues, or other religious organizations
• Your school counselor/high school
• Your college’s financial aid office

Here’s a cool thought: If you spend 5 hours applying for scholarships, and receive a $10,000 scholarship, that’s $2000 an hour for your work. That’s a pretty good return on your investment.