Our Scholarship

Our founder, Walter J. Brown, believed college education provided the best avenue towards success and fulfillment. In 1970, he established a private Foundation to support that belief. The Watson-Brown Foundation scholarships are awarded to students from communities in and near the Savannah River valley where Brown was raised and spent the majority of his adult life.

The Watson-Brown Foundation helped St. Julian prepare for his future. Why not see if we can help you too?

Our Application Process

Step 1

Apply Online Now.

Complete your application online. Once you submit, make sure you receive a confirmation email.

Step 2

Verify Supporting Materials.

Double check that your transcript and letters of recommendation have been submitted by the deadline.

Step 3

Mail forms together by February 15th.

Director of Scholarships
310 Tom Watson Way
Thomson, GA 30824

Brianna Gilchrist

“This scholarship means so much more than having my expenses paid for; it’s more like a gateway into a successful future that could not have been possible without the help of the Watson-Brown Foundation.”

– 2016 Watson-Brown Scholar,
Kennesaw State University

Essay Writing Tips

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